Praise for the Feminist Utopia Project!

The Feminist Utopia Project is out, and it’s attracting considerable excited attention from critics! The multimedia project, featuring works from 57 people of a variety of experiences and backgrounds, is must-have feminist theory, but it also makes for plain good reading.

At Kirkus:

In order to define what a better realm might look like if women had more influence on the ways their lives are governed and treated, the editors offer these essays, interviews, and art, which explore a vast array of topics concerning inequality, the present-day norm…The editors have done a solid job balancing the seemingly impossible with ideas that should already be in place, which only emphasizes how important it is that women continue to speak their minds in defense of their bodies and beliefs.

At Booklist:

Mapping out a perfect world created for feminists and by feminists would result in a Venn diagram with overlapping wants and needs, goals and ideals. Although it can certainly be argued that what’s good for the female portion of the population is also good for it in its entirety, there is a significant difference when one analyzes essential issues as if they were developed from the get-go with women in mind.

At Library Journal:

Like many futuristic visions, the project turns a discerning and often discomfiting mirror on our unjust present-day circumstances, prompting us to consider why we do not dare to dream (and demand) more boldly. VERDICT Assembled with great energy and care, this volume will be read and passed among those keen to explore how feminist dreaming may advance a more feminist reality.