events and media appearances

25-28 October 2018, Sirens, Vail, Colorado

23-24 October 2018, Sirens Studio, Vail, Colorado, Reading Intensive Workshop: Diversity on Fire

2 February 2018, Pushing Limits on KPFA, Disability and the Trump Presidency

7 October 2017, Howard Brown Midwest LGBQT Health Symposium 2017, ‘Advocating for LGBQT Health Topics in Journalism’

20 September 2017, Citations Needed with Nima Shirazi and Adam Johnson, Ableism and the Ethics of Calling Trump ‘Crazy’

20-23 October 2016, Sirens, Denver, Colorado

29 September 2016, ‘In Celebration of Being Both Hot and Disabled: An Interview with Sins Invalid’s Patty Berne‘ for Popaganda at Bitch Magazine’s ‘Breaking the Binary’

15 January 2016, Popaganda with Sarah Mirk for Bitch Magazine, Nostalgia TV (with transcript)

8-11 October 2015, Sirens, Denver, Colorado

16-19 October 2014, Sirens, near Portland, Oregon

1 October 2014, Experts Discuss How Police Officers Deal With People in Mental Health Crises, KJZZ

13 August 2014, Here and Now with Steve Goldstein on KJZZ, discussing supporting mentally ill friends and family

23 May 2014, Commentary on KJZZ for Mental Health Month (includes recording and transcript)

10-13 October 2013, Sirens, near Portland, Oregon

3 May 2013, 2-3 PM Pacific, Pushing Limits on KPFA, interview on disability, the pharmaceutical industry, and activism

13 April, 2013, 6:30 PM, reading for GET OUT OF MY CROTCH featuring s.e. smith and Janet Frishberg, Gallery Bookshop, Mendocino, California

11-14 October 2012, Sirens, near Portland, Oregon.

16 August 2012, The Colin McEnroe Show on WNPR, interview on cutting and self-harm.

16 June 2012, Definitely Not the Opera on CBCinterview on the ‘smile baby‘ phenomenon.

22 March 2012, University of Southern California, ‘Desexualising People With Disabilities,’ followed by a question and answer period. Sponsored by the Queer and Ally Student Assembly.

8 March 2012,  interview with Mike Graham on talkSPORT to discuss social issues and the upcoming Olympics. For more on this subject: Olympic Considerations, Oppression 2012.

22 July 2011, The Rick Smith Show, ‘Is Cutting Benefits For Public Workers Actually Wage Theft? Reframing the Right’s Attacks On Unions.’

8-9 April 2011, Eastern Washington University, Northwest Women’s Studies Association Conference (panel presentation, 9 April 2011 with Annie Jansen, ‘Harshing the Glee Squee: Feminism, Glee, and Disability’)

17 February 2011, Western Washington University: Feminist Response to Pop Culture: Glee, Western Washington University Women’s Centre

22 December 2010, WBAI New York: Roundtable panel on Glee, The Largest Minority radio show