diversity consulting, speaking, and interviews

I offer consulting in a variety of contexts for individuals and organisations interested in addressing concerns about diversity issues. I only provide such services along axes of my own experience — disability, class, and gender and sexual minorities. The rough quotes below do not reflect parity pricing — e.g. a Black woman would be billed at $0.63 to the dollar to reflect her earnings disparity.

I offer referrals to other consultants and editors suited to provide services that I am unable to perform.

Diversity reading/editorial services

Whether as a standalone or add-on to my editorial services, I offer reads of manuscripts with a specific eye to the depiction of diverse characters, preferentially in the field of children’s literature. Given the scope of such projects, I need ample advance notice and reserve the right to decline projects I feel are unsuited to my experience. If you’re seeking a consultant for a work of this nature, please email me a short excerpt of your work, a statement of intention, and some information about yourself and the project.

Diversity training and consultancy services

I work with government agencies, news organisations, and private companies to address ways to improve safety in the workplace, address concerns about public and internal communications involving issues relevant to marginalised individuals, recruiting, and other matters. Recent work includes a presentation on Impostor Syndrome for the San Francisco offices of the Environmental Protection Agency, an appearance at Google’s Privacy Week, and disability sensitivity training for the newsroom at the Daily Dot.

Conference paneling and keynote speaking

I am available for conference appearances, with a specific preference for journalism, media/pop culture, literature, and publishing. Be advised that I do not appear in inaccessible venues or at conferences without codes of conduct.


I am available for print, radio, and television interviews both on the subject of diversity and the larger social justice issues I cover in my work. Please be aware that remotes are generally necessary, though I can make studio appearances if provided with enough advance warning. For appearances outside the Bay Area, I will need compensation for transportation, accommodation, and per diem.